(Note: this is an almost verbatim copy of my first blog entry. I’m that lazy.)

Full disclosure: I hate blogging. I’m bad at it. I consider this to be a lifelong issue for me (the literate part of my life, at least). Example: my childhood bookcase shelves at least three fancy leather-bound journals, purchased in different phases of my adolescence, each containing 1-3 entries followed by 100 or so blank pages.

I hope this blog is different. I’m writing it for you—my friends, family, teachers, colleagues, students, and beloved internet randos—so that you know what’s up with me during these ten months that I am living in Russia. But I’m also writing it for me, so that I have a record of my memories that won’t be abstracted by time. I wish, for example, that I had actually followed through on the blog I started during my semester in Moscow during college. That would be cool to have now. I also see this blog as a challenge to me to be a more active observer and participant during my grant period; it will hold me accountable to being present so that I can report back to you in full. The content here will be mostly personal, but I have aspirations to write more topically (i.e. about more broadly political/social issues) once I get my footing.

I also intend this blog to be a resource for potential Fulbright ETA’s who are curious about what their teaching experience would be like. This is new for me too, so I promise to do my best to relay as much practical information as can.

That’s all I have to say about myself/this blog, so I guess it’s ПОКА for now!


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